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Perlin noise in Javascript comparisons

What started as a simple excersize to put theory to practice has once again spun out of control. Well I’ve just come off three months of programming actionscript 3 so I needed the distraction (frankly I like js better than as). Plus I never really got into the HTML5 canvas thing and I needed to check that out to. And off course those idiots Apple and Adobe (turning into a bad marriage) are making me feel I should focus on HTML5/js a bit more (doesn’t anybody realize HTML5 isn’t even ready yet?).

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SFBrowser 3 beta

I’ve made some major changes to SFBrowser. It will now be able to work with other server side languages than PHP.
I also implemented a structure so SFBrowser can be extended with plugins. To show I’ve added two plugins: filetree and imageresize.
Plus a ton of other minor changes: dragging, resizing, caching, cookie support etc…
Before I merge this with the trunk I will need to test and bugfix this version.
If you care to test you can get it here:

Strange stuff

The first animation from the ‘Attractor viewer‘ rebuild. Rendering animations is now easy as pie (thanks to Daniel Shiffmans MovieMaker library). In the last version I would spit out tons of tif files and import them into Flash to export it as a movie.

The problem with the last version was that it was built in the Processing 69 version. For which you needed Quicktime for Java which is now nowhere to be found or won’t install properly (I can’t remember which). The online version is still working but it doesn’t save images (that will change in the new version). Besides, looking at the code more than a year later did not really encourage me to adjust it to the latest Processing version.

A good year of doing Actionscript 3 really changed the way I code. I did do a small test to get it to work in as3 but, as you can see for your self, it sucks.

Maybe in a week I’ll upload a first new version. There’s still lot’s of things to do. I first want to try to get a good render print (A2 at 300 dpi). Only a ‘mere’ two billion iterations will not do I fear, so goodbye int.


Some things weren’t working quite well so I started updating the cms to the most recent version. Of course in a test dir with a test db. Then I stumbled onto the root and my entire @$%#%**^ site was gone. Well, not entirely gone, there’s just no output. It took me a day or two but now it’s working again, plus I threw in a little redesign just for the fun of it, and some better jquery javascript. I still have to check the database for posts with old javascript and re-edit some pages. But at least it’s up and running again.


Actionscript 3 is easy as pie, it just looks a bit scary at first. As I mentioned earlier I had a look at Papervision3D (a 3D engine for Flash) and decided it would be a good oppurtunity to take up as3 (and test some of my filters in 3D at the same time).

After some fiddling around I noticed that the only primitives in Papervision3D were a plane, a paper plane (whieeee) and stars (?). No cube, no sphere… hey I can do spheres. So next in line are: cylinder, cone, torus and cube. And if I feel bold I might try some polyhedra.

So that’s my little contribution to the Papervision3D project: coded 3D primitives. It’s not much (especially not compared to what this person does) but as they say here: all little bits help.


… and that’s four primitives (well, actually it is three: the cone is really a cylinder).

beta testing rocks

Well, the bullet is through the church (always fun to just translate a Dutch saying into English). The Filter Forge beta test ends. This product is really cool. And giving away free copies for good beta testing is even cooler. I thought well… fifteen.. maybe thirty lucky people tops. But these guys are insane. The’ve just given away threehundredeleven copies to the beta testers for submitting filters, bug reporting, suggestions and good behaviour. Now that is gratitude. I hope the’ve got some people left to sell it to :-P.
It was really fun to be one of the beta testers (and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the lucky ones). I haven’t had much time to submit any filters recently but I’m sure I will in the future. Maybe now is a good time to put these seamless filters to good use in a totally different beta test. It’s about time I learned as3 anyway.