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I used to draw a lot when I was younger. These days I code more but I still love it to make something visual without having to worry about dependencies and cross-platform functionality.
Some of it I do with an ordinary black ballpoint, some of it on a wacom and some of it by way of fingerpainting on a tablet. And then there’s the cross-over called Filter Forge.


My snowflake filter has gone high usage. HU nr5 means free Filter Forge lifetime upgrades. YES!!!

Well, if I had actually done some paid work instead of playing around with Filter Forge I would have been able to buy it a long time ago. But it’s way nicer to earn it this way.

PaperVision3D 2 alpha

The long awaited version 2 alpha is out. Well it has been out for about two weeks but I haven’t had time to look into it. I’ve cooked up a little something to try it out together with some Filter Forge filters: check it out.

There are of course still some things that need to be fixed, but hey, it’s an alpha.


Kosmonaut makes music videos. Their site had to be simple. They provided me with photographs from their desk, some post-its, and that’s it.
Navigating is done by moving the mouse on the desktop. The bitmap of the timber is calculated when changing screen size again. In connection with its rotation, the width and height is equal to the diagonal of the screen. Because large bitmaps on some computer processors are intensive, a smaller screen will run smoother.
The content is loaded in the form of its own XHTML page.

Filter Forge released

Filter Forge is released. Big up to the entire Filter Forge team for a job well done. Let’s hope it takes of like a rocket (the kind that doesn’t blow up).

Even though I earned a copy I still want a second license for my machine at work, besides $299,- is a bargain.


Putting things together: some Filter Forge stuff into PaperVision3D. I’ve made a nice terraforming filter and wrapped the result around a sphere. Click here to see the planet and use your mousewheel to zoom in and out.
I’m now trying to give the sun some lens flares but I’m still having a bit of trouble getting the 2D data from the 3D. Right now the flare is just a sprite on top of the 3D scene, the correct way of course would be to create a particle primitive. A particle is a bit different than a normal primitive. Let’s see if I can hack my way in there and cook one up.

beta testing rocks

Well, the bullet is through the church (always fun to just translate a Dutch saying into English). The Filter Forge beta test ends. This product is really cool. And giving away free copies for good beta testing is even cooler. I thought well… fifteen.. maybe thirty lucky people tops. But these guys are insane. The’ve just given away threehundredeleven copies to the beta testers for submitting filters, bug reporting, suggestions and good behaviour. Now that is gratitude. I hope the’ve got some people left to sell it to :-P.
It was really fun to be one of the beta testers (and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the lucky ones). I haven’t had much time to submit any filters recently but I’m sure I will in the future. Maybe now is a good time to put these seamless filters to good use in a totally different beta test. It’s about time I learned as3 anyway.