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Dynamic bookmarklets (and WebGL)

Whenever I’m up to my neck in work I mostly get utterly bored. So to keep focussed I tend to create these little side projects. Last week I thought I’d create my first bookmarklet using WebGL rendering with Three.js

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My snowflake filter has gone high usage. HU nr5 means free Filter Forge lifetime upgrades. YES!!! Well, if I had actually done some paid work instead of playing around with Filter Forge I would have been able to buy it a long time ago. But it’s way nicer to earn it this way.

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PaperVision3D 2 alpha

The long awaited version 2 alpha is out. Well it has been out for about two weeks but I haven’t had time to look into it. I’ve cooked up a little something to try it out together with some Filter Forge filters: check it out. There are of course still some things that need to […]

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Filter Forge released

Filter Forge is released. Big up to the entire Filter Forge team for a job well done. Let’s hope it takes of like a rocket (the kind that doesn’t blow up). Even though I earned a copy I still want a second license for my machine at work, besides $299,- is a bargain.

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Putting things together: some Filter Forge stuff into PaperVision3D. I’ve made a nice terraforming filter and wrapped the result around a sphere. Click here to see the planet and use your mousewheel to zoom in and out. I’m now trying to give the sun some lens flares but I’m still having a bit of trouble […]

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beta testing rocks

Well, the bullet is through the church (always fun to just translate a Dutch saying into English). The Filter Forge beta test ends. This product is really cool. And giving away free copies for good beta testing is even cooler. I thought well… fifteen.. maybe thirty lucky people tops. But these guys are insane. The’ve […]

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Not much going on at this side of the web. I am keeping very busy at Shapers of couse. And Filterforge keeps me busy as well, as you can see on the background: done with a filter I called Splatter. Another nice one I recently did was Baroque Frame II. A bit corny I agree, […]

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Filter Forge

Filter Forge is an extremely cool Photoshop plugin (also works in Photopaint as well as standalone). Besides a set of cool filters you can also create your own in a very intuitive drag-and-drop way. Making your own is almost addictive. I’ve made these so far: threshold-blur, liquid chocolate and the seventies.

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