I saw something on Zite about the js1k competition. Now I’ve never really been into competitions (the last time I even won something was for a drawing contest when I was 13). And these programming things always look like you have to be some kind of l33t demo haxor or something.

But then the last two days I found myself having a crack at it. Actually did about half of it on an iPad at night on JSFiddle (a six week old baby made me do it). And its great fun trying to hack your code from 1400 to 1024 bytes, especially when you end up with 1016 and have 8 more bytes to squander. But the best thing is you really get to seek the edges of a language and find all these forgotten operators or statements (I almost forgot about ~ for instance).

Well anyway… here’s my entry. It’s not the best on the list but it looks nice and I had fun doing it.

ps: is looks like I failed copy-pasting the source when submitting… so here’s a jsfiddle to it

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