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A freelance developer’s tool box

As a freelancer it’s always a challenge to find the right tools for the job. No collective knowledge base of colleagues you can quickly pop a question to. On the other hand, being a freelancer also gives you the unique opportunity to have a peek in the kitchen of various companies. And I’m always curious [...]

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It could be dawn

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Witnie in the sky with diamonds

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Pig in woods

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meten is weten

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freelance space for hire

Workplace for hire in the heart of Amsterdam behind Dam square. The studio is shared with a film maker and an interaction designer (me). Directly available for €152 per month. Contact me or Claudia.

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icon for new jQuery plugin

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I’m cleaning my root. In the not so near future I will remove the subdirs ffbatch, ffpv3d, stampomatic and test/attractors4 in favor of respectively,, and

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Algorithmic botany

I’m currently doing a project that uses the growth of computer generated plants to visualize the progress students make in subjects like: adding, subtracting and multiplication (so yes it’s for kids). A good chance for me to read up on the mathematical aspects of L-systems. The site algorithmic botany is a great help, and apart [...]

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