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Lorem ipsum dummy article shortcode plugin

I’ve been using a lorem-ipsum generator for WordPress development for the last few years but there were some features that could be implemented better and some features that I missed.
Normally I try to contribute to existing code instead of reinventing the wheel. But the plugin I used hadn’t been updated in over two years (apart from a version bump). A ticket I filed two years earlier hadn’t been reacted upon so I decided to roll my own.

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WordPress Pocket widget

Pocket is really handy. It is a way to save articles and access them cross-device. It has an API and is also on IFTTT.
I use Pocket to save articles I see on Zite and interesting stuff I encounter during the day.
In between work I’m currently rebuilding my two sites into one and thought it would be nice to share the articles I read (the interesting ones anyway). So I built a plugin for it that you can even hook up to your own Pocket app id: Pocket widget.

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faking cron jobs for sparklines

I did search for a fake cron job plugin of course (I wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel). But the only one I could find does not make a difference between bots and humans. If that doesn’t matter for you the plugin is worth a look (it also comes with a couple of plugins that make use of it). But for me this simply doesn’t cut it. So I reinvented the wheel, only mine has less spokes but shinier hubcap.

The reason I needed the cron job is the sparkline to the right here: ‘unique vs bots’. It shows you how many of you visitors are not human (which is quite a lot… scary huh). The image is updated every hour. In due time I will also release this sparkline widget but it still needs a lot of work.


I’ve sort of completed my first WordPress plugin: a stats page. This is basicly what I had in my former cms. Even though I use Google Analythics for stats I also want the data to reside on my own server to do stuff with it like sparklines.
Writing these plugins is quite easy (no wonder wp is so popular). So next in line are: a good upload tool, stats sparklines extension and a librarything plugin.