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WordPress Pocket widget

Pocket is really handy. It is a way to save articles and access them cross-device. It has an API and is also on IFTTT. I use Pocket to save articles I see on Zite and interesting stuff I encounter during the day. In between work I’m currently rebuilding my two sites into one and thought […]

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Using WordPress media library in a plugin

I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure this one out. Here’s how to use the WordPress media library in a plugin or custom post type… the right way.

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SFBrowser for WordPress

Last project I did allowed me to expand my SFBrowser WordPress plugin a bit. Of course SFBrowser has been up at Googlecode for some time now but I had never bothered to publish the WordPress plugin I made for it.

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updated plugins

It started with a little update on the Cronfaker plugin but one thing led to another so now I’ve updated the Librarything plugin and the Stats plugin as well (and the sparkline one is almost done).

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faking cron jobs for sparklines

I did search for a fake cron job plugin of course (I wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel). But the only one I could find does not make a difference between bots and humans. If that doesn’t matter for you the plugin is worth a look (it also comes with a couple of plugins that […]

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Librarything widget

Finished the librarything widget. It was a bit of a hassle to get the ‘Sidebar Widgets‘ to work since I’m not using the standard theme. But if you have WordPress 2+ and the classic or kubrick them you should have no trouble at all to get this to work. Well even if you don’t have […]

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I’ve sort of completed my first WordPress plugin: a stats page. This is basicly what I had in my former cms. Even though I use Google Analythics for stats I also want the data to reside on my own server to do stuff with it like sparklines. Writing these plugins is quite easy (no wonder […]

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