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I guess I could say I’ve crossed over to the dark-side because Twittering is something I said I’d never do. But I didn’t want a mobile phone either (ten years ago). I also said I’d never move to Amsterdam. But never say never. My new phone is exactly the reason I changed my mind and […]

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I ‘slightly’ restyled my site. Partly because I was not completely satisfied with it but mainly to prove a point: in a lot of cases a HTML site is a better solution than Flash. Don’t get me wrong, I love Flash, especially the new features in the new version 10 (although they still didn’t […]

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workplace for hire

For a year now I’ve been freelancing. Sometimes on location, but mostly at the studio I share with two other freelancers. One of them has now decided to leave because she rarely used the studio. So, if you are, or you know, someone who needs a place to work right in the middle of Amsterdam, […]

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Hyves redesign

For the last year Ultrafris (a friend of mine) has been working very hard on the Hyves redesign. It has gone live for goldmemenbers now. If you are not a goldmember you can get a previeuw over here.

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TinySort will sort any nodetype by it’s text- or attribute value, or by that of one of it’s children. You can download TinySort from since that will always have the latest release. Get it here:


Protected: Strange attractors

To view this content, you need to install Java from Here you see a mathematical phenomenon known as strange attractors. The basic principle is to have a point in space and use it’s coordinates as input to a relatively simple formula to compute the new point. This means an attractor is deterministic: it’s state […]

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amfphp and as3

Keeping myself very busy rewriting cubejunky to a Flash (=papervision3d) equivalent I got a bit stuck on wanting to implement amfphp in as3. I did find some good examples here and here that got me going again. I never quite understood why amfphp generates as2 classes that can have more than one instance. A singleton […]

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Filter Forge released

Filter Forge is released. Big up to the entire Filter Forge team for a job well done. Let’s hope it takes of like a rocket (the kind that doesn’t blow up). Even though I earned a copy I still want a second license for my machine at work, besides $299,- is a bargain.

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Protected: Sparklines

What does this plugin do? This is a WordPress plugin with which you can create sparklines. The plugin allows you two ways to make a sparkline, one static, the other dynamic. The static variant is not done yet… patience (this is a beta). You can fill in static data which will be transformed into a […]

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Cronfaker plugin

You might have noticed: this plugin has been discontinued. Cron jobs are a Unix way executing files at scheduled times. If you don’t have acces to them there are ways to fake it. I figured out a long time ago that letting certain hits trigger the executions works just as well. It’s less punctual than […]

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