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Pig in woods

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Stereoscopic 3D zoom with Javascript

Last year I got a microscope for my birthday. As with most toys, you play around with them for a while but eventually they end up on a shelf somewhere.

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Attractors rebuild

In the beginning of this year I had some free time and thought I’d spend it on P55 (which had been a while). Because I’ve been doing as3 since late 2006 I’m now all used to it’s way of oo programming. The only way to do that in P55 (using packages and all that) is […]

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Just a small preview of what’s to come… (yeah, I’m rewriting old stuff)

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My snowflake filter has gone high usage. HU nr5 means free Filter Forge lifetime upgrades. YES!!! Well, if I had actually done some paid work instead of playing around with Filter Forge I would have been able to buy it a long time ago. But it’s way nicer to earn it this way.

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I really should illustrate more. Apart from good practice it’s also fun to do.

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Putting things together: some Filter Forge stuff into PaperVision3D. I’ve made a nice terraforming filter and wrapped the result around a sphere. Click here to see the planet and use your mousewheel to zoom in and out. I’m now trying to give the sun some lens flares but I’m still having a bit of trouble […]

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beta testing rocks

Well, the bullet is through the church (always fun to just translate a Dutch saying into English). The Filter Forge beta test ends. This product is really cool. And giving away free copies for good beta testing is even cooler. I thought well… fifteen.. maybe thirty lucky people tops. But these guys are insane. The’ve […]

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Not much going on at this side of the web. I am keeping very busy at Shapers of couse. And Filterforge keeps me busy as well, as you can see on the background: done with a filter I called Splatter. Another nice one I recently did was Baroque Frame II. A bit corny I agree, […]

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Filter Forge

Filter Forge is an extremely cool Photoshop plugin (also works in Photopaint as well as standalone). Besides a set of cool filters you can also create your own in a very intuitive drag-and-drop way. Making your own is almost addictive. I’ve made these so far: threshold-blur, liquid chocolate and the seventies.

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