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Testing for unused functions with Grunt

I’m relatively new to Grunt. I had used it before in several projects but it was already set up and working fine, to I didn’t really look into it. Besides, the sheer amount of options/plugins available put me off a bit. That and time being money. But in between projects I have a bit of […]

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Migrating a subversion repository from Google Code to Github

Recently I migrated TinySort from Google Code to Github. I’m a real Git noob so I expected a full history migration to be a real pain in the ass. Plus I also wanted to move both the open and closed issues (since they correspond to the regression tests). Luckily it turned out to be a […]

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Unit testing private functions in Javascript

For some time now I’ve been unit testing my Javascript with qUnit. Not only good practice, it also saves you an incredible amount of time when it comes to crossbrowser testing your scripts. The only problem I was testing private functions that are hidden within closures.

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SFBrowser 3.2.2

I released a new version of SFBrowser containing some minor fixes plus a new CTRL-C feature which copies the full or relative path to your clipboard. Go check out the examples here. You can download or do a repository checkout at Googlecode, or install it as a WordPress plugin.

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SFBrowser for WordPress

Last project I did allowed me to expand my SFBrowser WordPress plugin a bit. Of course SFBrowser has been up at Googlecode for some time now but I had never bothered to publish the WordPress plugin I made for it.

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Ever since I changed into something more comfortable I wanted to give a quick haulover (change it into the same style, revise structure and content, upgrade from WordPress 2.3 to 2.8… etc…). So I just did but it’s still bit of a mess, I’ll get to that someday… I made a new cool […]

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learning a new language

I’m not so good at languages. I mean real languages, not programming languages (those are easy). I’m going to a Croatian course but you have to get a big vocabulary to really say something more substantial than ‘one beer please’. Learning words from books is not really my cup of tea so I thought I’d […]

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SFBrowser 3 beta

I’ve made some major changes to SFBrowser. It will now be able to work with other server side languages than PHP. I also implemented a structure so SFBrowser can be extended with plugins. To show I’ve added two plugins: filetree and imageresize. Plus a ton of other minor changes: dragging, resizing, caching, cookie support etc… […]

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Since I use SVN a lot, both for personal and third party code, I decided to give Google Code a try. Starting with jquery.sfbrowser. It’s parked at

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jQuery plugin update

For those interested: I just updated my jQuery plugins: SFBrowser TinySort TagCloud