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DRY responsive Javascript

My last post got me thinking when I was implementing responsive Javascript events (well, signals really). I never liked it when similar things are defined or implemented multiple times. That is the reason why I tend to put classNames added through Javascript inside a value object, or why I wrote something to parse Less variables […]

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Change CSS styles at the root.

When building web applications a lot of times a certain elements style needs to be changed. Mostly you can suffice by using one of the Element.classList methods. But sometimes you have to set an elements style directly (think of non-constant values like width, height, padding etc…). This is fine for single elements but when dealing […]

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Using Google spreadsheets for your freelance invoicing

Being your own boss is great! You get to pick your own clients, your own hours, your own workplace. Not so great is all the administrative work: making quotations, doing taxes, making invoices (although the latter does make me happy). Luckily I have a spreadsheet and Javascript to do some of the boring stuff for me.

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Testing for unused functions with Grunt

I’m relatively new to Grunt. I had used it before in several projects but it was already set up and working fine, to I didn’t really look into it. Besides, the sheer amount of options/plugins available put me off a bit. That and time being money. But in between projects I have a bit of […]

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Storing multiple properties in one integer using bitwise AND

Objects with multiple properties with each their own variable can get a bit messy. Here’s a nice solution to store multiple properties in a single variable.

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Migrating a subversion repository from Google Code to Github

Recently I migrated TinySort from Google Code to Github. I’m a real Git noob so I expected a full history migration to be a real pain in the ass. Plus I also wanted to move both the open and closed issues (since they correspond to the regression tests). Luckily it turned out to be a […]

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Android phone DOM

Cleaning up my phone the other day I found some cool stuff. Two years ago I coded some stuff while I was on vacation. This was also on it…

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LESS variables to Javascript

LESS CSS is great and all but what if you want to use the same LESS variables in Javascript.

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Interactive fluid dynamics in Javascript

Don’t know why, but after seeing Oliver Hunt’s fluid solver I wanted to use fluid dynamics on my site as an interactive particle flowfield.

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Using WordPress media library in a plugin

I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure this one out. Here’s how to use the WordPress media library in a plugin or custom post type… the right way.

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