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Testing for unused functions with Grunt

I’m relatively new to Grunt. I had used it before in several projects but it was already set up and working fine, to I didn’t really look into it. Besides, the sheer amount of options/plugins available put me off a bit. That and time being money. But in between projects I have a bit of [...]

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Storing multiple properties in one integer using bitwise AND

Objects with multiple properties with each their own variable can get a bit messy. Here’s a nice solution to store multiple properties in a single variable.

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Migrating a subversion repository from Google Code to Github

Recently I migrated TinySort from Google Code to Github. I’m a real Git noob so I expected a full history migration to be a real pain in the ass. Plus I also wanted to move both the open and closed issues (since they correspond to the regression tests). Luckily it turned out to be a [...]

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Android phone DOM

Cleaning up my phone the other day I found some cool stuff. Two years ago I coded some stuff while I was on vacation. This was also on it…

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LESS variables to Javascript

LESS CSS is great and all but what if you want to use the same LESS variables in Javascript.

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Interactive fluid dynamics in Javascript

Don’t know why, but after seeing Oliver Hunt’s fluid solver I wanted to use fluid dynamics on my site as an interactive particle flowfield.

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Using WordPress media library in a plugin

I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure this one out. Here’s how to use the WordPress media library in a plugin or custom post type… the right way.

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Javascript performance testing

‘All roads lead to Rome’ is a saying in Dutch that means there are multiple ways to accomplish the same thing. Very true in real life but maybe even more so in programming. You’d think the fastest code is the best, but a lot of times readability is chosen over speed (or, as in most [...]

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I saw something on Zite about the js1k competition. Now I’ve never really been into competitions (the last time I even won something was for a drawing contest when I was 13). And these programming things always look like you have to be some kind of l33t demo haxor or something.

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Unit testing private functions in Javascript

For some time now I’ve been unit testing my Javascript with qUnit. Not only good practice, it also saves you an incredible amount of time when it comes to crossbrowser testing your scripts. The only problem I was testing private functions that are hidden within closures.

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