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Storing multiple properties in one integer using bitwise AND

Objects with multiple properties with each their own variable can get a bit messy. Here’s a nice solution to store multiple properties in a single variable.

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It just needs some color.

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Simplex noise in as3

Well I ported the simplex noise to actionscript 3. The weird thing is that there is no speed increase whatsoever. I must be doing it wrong.

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The Kees Kroot website I made for Pool has gone ”site of the day” at theFWA. That does make me proud. But of course it”s not just me that deserves credit, also the people at Pool (Matthijs, Sip, Mayke etc…), and Krijn van Noordwijk for the very cool photography.

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Perlin Noise and Frocessing

Just got back from a very relaxed vacation and I’m trying to pick up the old pace (but it’s too hot and humid here). Back at the old console I got this incoming link: Perlin Clouds and Frocessing (with an F). So somebody with a lot of spare time is porting Processing to AS3 (god […]

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little fluffy clouds

Oh how cute is that… while accidentally recreating my old Terraformer filter I took a little sidestep in Flash, displacing the new filter’s cloud map with it’s animated self. It looks almost real.

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PaperVision3D 2 alpha

The long awaited version 2 alpha is out. Well it has been out for about two weeks but I haven’t had time to look into it. I’ve cooked up a little something to try it out together with some Filter Forge filters: check it out. There are of course still some things that need to […]

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Flash plugin bug

I don’t normally talk this type of geek talk but I just spent hours trying to debug the weirdest IE glitch. When I code Flash I mostly always code positions relative to the stage dimensions (stage.stageWidth and stage.stageHeight). This prevents the trouble you go through when your client decides to add another x amount of […]

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as3 or p55

I have this attractor viewer written in Processing. I wanted to finish it up a bit: calculate Lyapunov exponent, save to movie, save online, etc. The problem is it’s written an older version of Processing. Then I thought: why not try as3 on for size. It’ll be faster for me to write since my Processing […]

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Perlin noise in as3

When I started doing processing I fell in love with the Perlin noise function. A little while later Flash 8 came out including noise. But I was a bit disappointed in their noise implementation, since it was only (and still is) a BitmapData function (without falloff). Perlin noise can be used for much than just […]

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