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PSP e-books

I’ve rewritten my PSP e-book and typepad. Since nobody without any PHP knowledge was able to use the e-book reader I created a page in which you can customize the typepad a bit, and add e-books. Then you can download your custom data as a zip file to unpack onto your PSP. click here to […]

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PSP as e-book

I removed the obsolete links here. Besides, who wants to read books on a PSP now that we have Kindles, iPads and smartphones. When I first got my PSP I really dove into the Netfront browser and it’s DOM. First thing I did is create a better typing pad because the PSP’s build in typing […]

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Algorithmic botany

I’m currently doing a project that uses the growth of computer generated plants to visualize the progress students make in subjects like: adding, subtracting and multiplication (so yes it’s for kids). A good chance for me to read up on the mathematical aspects of L-systems. The site algorithmic botany is a great help, and apart […]

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Librarything lets you search libraries and Amazon to catalog your books, and see what people with similar collections read. Although it doesn’t have an API to control or interact with your own collection, it does allow you to add a ‘widget’ to your webpage containing your latest entries or a random collection. The downside of […]

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