My name is Ron Valstar and this is my digital playground.

I was born in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands on the 21st of april 1974. After I got my masters degree in 2000 I started Shapers with some fellow students. Our headquarters became Amsterdam and of course pretty soon I got sick of traveling (Apeldoorn Amsterdam is roughly one hour by train). Then I fell in love so I just had to move to Amsterdam (even though I had always said I’d never leave my hometown). In 2007 I left Shapers and started freelancing.

Way back, before the turn of the century, I started out as an illustrator and graphic designer. Then, somewhere during my Interaction Design training, I started programming (more out of necessity than interest, because there weren’t that many programmers in that course). Then I got hooked, I’d draw stuff with a ballpoint and then make it come to life just by typing lines of code… magic.

I also collect useless things that are nice to look at: rocks, shells, skulls, sand, fossils and a prehistoric magnetic core memory board (8K x 12).

And I try to keep in shape a little. I used to roam the Dutch forests on my mountain bike. Then my bike got nicked so I started scaling half- and quarterpipes on my Salomons. Aggressive inline skating is great if you want to wreck your joints. So after I mastered the backflip I hid my skates and bought a black gi. In ko ryu taijutsu you can at least blame your injuries on your opponent.