I prefer to write pure Javascript but I also know a lot about: DOM, XHTML, HTML5, XML, CSS (LESS, SASS), PHP (WordPress, Codeigniter, Laravel), frameworks and libraries (Angular, Backbone, jQuery, ThreeJS) , Actionscript and sometimes XSLT, Java, Processing, Air and even Lingo (Director, remember ?!).

I have a lot of experience with photography and video combined with (realtime) 3D environments in both in Flash and Javascript.

In the course of time I have worked with: Novartis, Philips, ThiemeMeulenhoff, BNN, Pool Worldwide, Tribal DDB, Lukkien, Nationale Nederlanden, FreedomLab, Kennisnet, Lost Boys, Centraal Museum and Ome Willem!

My programming endeavors started with a book about Basic and and MSX.
Professionally I began around 1996 with HTML/CSS and a bit of Javascript. Then Lingo (Director) and Flash (only animation at that time).
When I graduated (Interaction Design) I started a company called Shapers with fellow students. Director died out Flash became big. I started programming more Javascript and Actionscript and learned PHP along the way.
In 2004 I started using Processing (and Java) for private projects.
I quit Shapers in 2007 and started freelancing.
Then Flash died in 2011 and I was back coding good old Javascript applications.

(I also have a BA and an MA, but with years of work experience titles hardly matter)