Keeping myself very busy rewriting cubejunky to a Flash (=papervision3d) equivalent I got a bit stuck on wanting to implement amfphp in as3.
I did find some good examples here and here that got me going again. I never quite understood why amfphp generates as2 classes that can have more than one instance. A singleton would be more suitable in my humble opinion.
So I rewrote the t8 Flex download (I don’t do Flex) to something I could use. I also put in some trace code you might find usefull. I usually extend this class and override the handles (and put a gatewayUrl switch in the constructor) so amfphp can easily overwrite the original when you change the php service.
Anyway… here’s the stuff, dump it in your amfphp/browser/templates folder (except for the as file of course).

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