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Testing for unused functions with Grunt

I’m relatively new to Grunt. I had used it before in several projects but it was already set up and working fine, to I didn’t really look into it. Besides, the sheer amount of options/plugins available put me off a bit. That and time being money. But in between projects I have a bit of [...]

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A freelance developer’s tool box

As a freelancer it’s always a challenge to find the right tools for the job. No collective knowledge base of colleagues you can quickly pop a question to. On the other hand, being a freelancer also gives you the unique opportunity to have a peek in the kitchen of various companies. And I’m always curious [...]

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Storing multiple properties in one integer using bitwise AND

Objects with multiple properties with each their own variable can get a bit messy. Here’s a nice solution to store multiple properties in a single variable.

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Creating tileable noise maps

Creating a tileable image in Photoshop is easy; crop an image, take the cropped right and bottom and stick it left and top with a fade. But creating proper tileable noise maps is a bit trickier to get your head around if you want to do it right.

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Migrating a subversion repository from Google Code to Github

Recently I migrated TinySort from Google Code to Github. I’m a real Git noob so I expected a full history migration to be a real pain in the ass. Plus I also wanted to move both the open and closed issues (since they correspond to the regression tests). Luckily it turned out to be a [...]

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I really just wanted to update my WordPress core.

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Tinysort: a tiny survey

Help me decide whether to move Tinysort to Github… or not…

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Android phone DOM

Cleaning up my phone the other day I found some cool stuff. Two years ago I coded some stuff while I was on vacation. This was also on it…

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LESS variables to Javascript

LESS CSS is great and all but what if you want to use the same LESS variables in Javascript.

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Interactive fluid dynamics in Javascript

Don’t know why, but after seeing Oliver Hunt’s fluid solver I wanted to use fluid dynamics on my site as an interactive particle flowfield.

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