WordPress Pocket widget


Pocket is really handy. It is a way to save articles and access them cross-device. It has an API and is also on IFTTT.
I use Pocket to save articles I see on Zite and interesting stuff I encounter during the day.
In between work I’m currently rebuilding my two sites into one and thought it would be nice to share the articles I read (the interesting ones anyway). So I built a plugin for it that you can even hook up to your own Pocket app id: Pocket widget.

To get it the easiest is to search for ‘Pocket widget’ from within your WordPress backend. Or download it from here. Because I’m rather fond of how Github works I have the main code setup there. The svn on WordPress will be distilled from there. So submitting issues/tickets is better to do on Github.

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Change CSS styles at the root.


When building web applications a lot of times a certain elements style needs to be changed. Mostly you can suffice by using one of the Element.classList methods.
But sometimes you have to set an elements style directly (think of non-constant values like width, height, padding etc…). This is fine for single elements but when dealing with a bunch of them it feels wrong and slow having to loop through each of them.


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A freelance developer’s tool box


As a freelancer it’s always a challenge to find the right tools for the job. No collective knowledge base of colleagues you can quickly pop a question to. On the other hand, being a freelancer also gives you the unique opportunity to have a peek in the kitchen of various companies. And I’m always curious as to what tools are used, not only software or IDE’s but also frameworks, libraries etc…


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Bookmarklet for fullscreen Google Maps


Here’s a bookmarklet that strips everything on Google Maps but the map itself. Put the browser fullscreen and you’ve got the whole world to printscreen desktop images from. Siberia has some pretty awesome landscapes.


Migrating a subversion repository from Google Code to Github


Recently I migrated TinySort from Google Code to Github. I’m a real Git noob so I expected a full history migration to be a real pain in the ass. Plus I also wanted to move both the open and closed issues (since they correspond to the regression tests). Luckily it turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated.


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